IBA users gather as a community to advance proton therapy together

More than 100 leading experts in Proton Therapy from 25 institutions met in March 2013 to discuss how the IBA Proteus Community can work together to advance clinically and technologically this extraordinary cancer treatment. Hosted by the leadership at the CDH Proton Center, a ProCure Center in suburban Chicago, Illinois, the two-and-a-half-day conference was very constructive and led to setting priorities in what should better enable a sustainable development for Proton Therapy.

The main topics addressed were the continuous improvement of operations and system robustness, the development of new clinical applications, the advancement of Pencil Beam Scanning, the incorporation of new imaging systems to leverage the precision of protons and optimize the management of organ motion, and safety through QA and commissioning.

The IBA team thanks all the participants for their contributions and especially our hosts at the CDH Proton Center: Dr. William Hartsell, Medical Director; Dr. Mark Pankuch, Director of Medical Physics and Mr. Chris Chandler, the center’s President and a Senior Vice President at ProCure.

Many topics were covered. Insights about Pencil Beam Scanning shared by Dr. Marco Schwarz, Medical Physicist at Agenzia Provinciale Per la Protonterapia (ATreP) in Trento, Italy and Dr. James McDonough, Medical Physicist at University of Pennsylvania Health System’s Robert Proton Therapy Center in Philadelphia, will certainly help the IBA Proteus Community develop this very promising treatment modality.

Dr. Stephen Hahn, Professor and Chair, University of Pennsylvania’s- Perelman School of Medicine, reviewed the potential of Proton Therapy in a multimodality approach for cancer. Dr Eugen Hug, Medical Officer for ProCure Treatment Centers discussed views on hypofractionation. Dr. Shannon MacDonald, Medical Director, at the Francis H. Burr Proton Therapy Center at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston reviewed the proton experience in treating breast cancer. Dr. James Metz, Professor, University of Pennsylvania discussed the opportunity for retreatment using protons. These presentations clearly opened many avenues for the development of Proton Therapy. They showed the potential benefits that Proton Therapy could bring to oncology in the fight against cancer.

The work achieved by this community of renowned experts and the outcomes of these meetings are by all means contributing to continuously advance this extraordinary treatment modality and further integrate Proton Therapy in the oncology ecosystem.


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