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There is a lot more to the IBA sales process than meets the eye. To be able to offer a proposal that fits the needs and expectations of all customers, IBA’s local sales teams, sales agents and distributors are supported by a hardworking ten-member team of skilled staff members. This series of four articles expands on its core task and its scope of work, presents the team members and highlights its pivotal role in IBA operations. Meet the team in this third chapter.

Combination of skills

Claude Dupont has assembled an outstanding team, responsible for the creation of comprehensive, accurate and extremely detailed proposals. Seven members of the team are located at the IBA headquarters, working closely with representatives in the United States and Asia. Philippe Vanderkelen is responsible for all things concerning buildings and keeps the Interface Building Document (IBD) updated, which contains all specifications concerning required dimensions and utilities. The basic document is finetuned and customized for every individual project and is meant to be handed over to the architects in charge after signing the contract. Former Project Manager Geoffroy Thielemans has extensive field experience, so can fill in gaps and anticipate obstacles. Cédric Adam started his career in R&D, and is therefore familiar with the stages leading up to obtaining marketable product. Associate Gaëlle Coppe has a keen eye for everything related to quality assurance and training, offers general support and takes care of the follow-up. Frank Franssen is in charge of service and third parties, specifically when it comes to treatment planning systems (TPS) and Oncology Information System (OIS), keeping the standard product and price list updated. Apart from guiding the department, Claude also fosters contacts with third-party imagery companies. Then there are the all-rounders Ruifeng Liu, who serves as the department’s satellite in Asia, and David Masters, who keeps an eye on things in the States. Mike Notarus is attached to the USA office, but nevertheless keeps a dotted line to the ISS team, as he needs to supervise the installations and anticipates this stage by keeping involved in the prospects and contributing to persuade them. Of course all these people would be nowhere without the indispensable help of the department’s assistant Nathalie Decoen, and the intel and support of the entire IBA workforce.


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