There is a lot more to the IBA sales process than meets the eye. To be able to offer a proposal that fits the needs and expectations of all customers, IBA’s local sales teams, sales agents and distributors are supported by a hardworking ten-member team of skilled staff members. This series of four articles expands on its core task and its scope of work, presents the team members and highlights its pivotal role in IBA operations. Part four further clarifies how integration fits in and how the Integration and Sales Support Department backs up IBA beyond the sales process.

The I of ISS

Integration is an important focus for IBA, and investigating these options is also part of the ISS team’s job description. Integration happens in two ways: either IBA integrates its installation with the customer’s existing equipment and software, or it incorporates third-party equipment in its installation on demand. “We pride ourselves on our excellent relationships with third-party suppliers,” says Claude Dupont. “Of course we have our standard partners and fixed collaborations, like Phillips, and we must be one of the only vendors boasting its own dosimetry department, located in Germany, but we also push the limits to accommodate the customer’s wishes if these are out of the ordinary. We noticed that the fact that we are willing to include third-party goods in our proposals and take responsibility for them inspires trust in our customers. It testifies to our high standards. These are long-term relationships, with the service and maintenance contract IBA proposes easily covering a decade or more, so trust is vitally important.”

In it for the long run

Even if it’s up to sales to close the deal, the ISS team member responsible for the proposal is often present at the decisive moment of signature, witnessing the result of the time and energy invested. Once the contract is signed, responsibility for the whole project is handed over to a well-briefed project manager, but the ISS department remains in the loop. Even after the building occupancy date project managers often refer back to the team whenever something needs to be clarified or double-checked in the process. Until the installation is up and running and often even afterwards, every single IBA project participant can fall back on ISS.


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