IBA completes the installation of two Proteus®ONE solutions in less than 12 months in Japan

Proton therapy

IBA repeats its demonstration of the shortest time to install a proton therapy system

Louvain-la-Neuve, July 30, 2018 – IBA (Ion Beam Applications S.A.), the world’s leading provider of proton therapy solutions for the treatment of cancer, announced that they completed the first two installations of the Proteus®ONE solution in Japan. The first installation took place at the Hokkaido Ohno Memorial Hospital in Sapporo and the other at the Narita Memorial Proton Center in Toyohashi. Both installations were successful, as the Hokkaido Ohno Memorial Hospital installation took less than 12 months and the Narita Memorial Proton Center installation took less than 11 months. 

These achievements display IBA’s superiority in installing proton therapy systems quickly and efficiently. IBA provides the quickest installation time on the market, with a majority of its projects completed under a period of 12 months. These projects demonstrate IBA’s speed of delivery, from securing the contract to the installation of the equipment, enabling the customer to treat patients faster.

Hokkaido Ohno Memorial Hospital expects to start treating its first patient in the coming weeks whilst Narita Memorial Proton Center plans to start treatment in September 2018.

The single room Proteus®ONE solution, installed and maintained by IBA, is the industry’s only truly compact Intensity Modulated Proton Therapy (IMPT) system. It provides a unique open gantry environment, designed to facilitate the treatment workflow for radiation therapists and optimize the patient experience by providing a comfortable and soothing environment. Its compact design makes it easy to install, integrate, operate and finance.

Marc Van Der Burght, Executive Vice-President, Proton Therapy Installation at IBA, commented: “We are proud to confirm the reliable installation time of our Proteus®ONE proton therapy system. Our experience with installations that are less than 12 months surpasses by far competitors in the industry. IBA is leading the proton therapy industry by combining cutting-edge proton therapy technology with market leading delivery for the benefit of our customers and their patients.”

Makoto Narita MD, Chairman, Narita Memorial Hospital in Toyohashi added: “We were able to open the Proton Therapy Center in a very small space downtown thanks to the compact design of the Proteus®ONE manufactured by IBA. This convenient location means that outpatient treatment emphasizing social life becomes possible. We will continue working together with IBA to provide the most advanced and patient-friendly proton therapy treatment available.”

Kazushi Kishi MD, PHD, Director of SAFRA, and a Vice-President of Hokkaido Ohno Memorial Hospital in Sapporo, stated: “We are pleased to announce that the first IBA compact proton machine in Asia has been safely and successfully installed in our facility. We are now fully dedicated to preparing for our first patient to be treated with this state-of-the-art compact and high-performance proton therapy unit from IBA.”




About IBA

IBA (Ion Beam Applications S.A.) is a global medical technology company focused on providing innovative integrated solutions for the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. The company is the worldwide technology leader in the field of proton therapy, considered to be the most advanced form of radiation therapy available today. IBA’s proton therapy solutions are flexible and adaptable, allowing customers to choose from universal full-scale proton therapy centers as well as compact, single-room solutions. In addition, IBA also has a radiation dosimetry business and develops particle accelerators for the medical world and industry. Headquartered in Belgium and employing about 1,500 people worldwide, IBA has installed systems across the world.

IBA is listed on the pan-European stock exchange NYSE EURONEXT (IBA: Reuters IBAB.BR and Bloomberg IBAB.BB).

More information can be found at: www.iba-worldwide.com

About Proteus®ONE

Proteus®ONE is the compact image-guided Intensity Modulated Proton Therapy (IMPT) solution from IBA. It benefits from the latest technologies developed with renowned clinical institutions. Proteus®ONE also offers the most advanced proton therapy technology on the market as it combines pencil beam scanning with 3-D cone-beam computed tomography with a large field of view for true volumetric imaging at isocenter. Proteus®ONE is smaller, more affordable, and easier to install and operate. It is ultimately easier to finance, making this advanced radiation therapy technology available to more institutions and patients worldwide.

Proteus®ONE allows you to think big, but scale smart.


*Proteus®ONE is the brand name of a configuration of the Proteus®235.


About Hokkaido Ohno Memorial Hospital (Sapporo)

Hokkaido Ohno Memorial Hospital, located in Sapporo, Hokkaido, has the latest diagnostic devices and treatment equipment. This advanced acute care hospital has 276 beds and primarily treats patients with cancer, as well as those with cerebrovascular, cardiac, and motor disease. It provides superior medical services using the latest equipment and state-of-the-art technology.

The hospital promotes the multidisciplinary treatment of cancer, which effectively combines several therapeutic strategies (surgery, chemotherapy, immunotherapy, and radiotherapy). Multidisciplinary treatment requires the cooperation of many clinical departments and centers. Among these, the Sapporo High-Functioning Radiotherapy Center (SAFRA) plays a central role in the “human body-friendly non-surgical therapies” which are among the hospital’s missions. SAFRA provides cutting-edge radiotherapy by taking advantage of the latest radiotherapy equipment. It allows patients to live their everyday lives while undergoing cancer treatment and throughout their post-treatment.

SAFRA is equipped with the latest models of the CyberKnife® (CyberKnife® M6), TomoTherapy® (TomoHD™ System), and proton beam therapy technology, the Proteus®ONE, which is now operational. SAFRA is the only facility in the world simultaneously equipped with proton beam therapy, CyberKnife® and TomoTherapy® systems as an integrated, optimal oncology center.


About Narita Memorial Proton Center (Toyohashi)

Narita Memorial Proton Center was launched by the Meiyokai Social Medical Corporation in April 2018 as a dedicated proton therapy facility.

The Meiyokai Social Medical Corporation was founded in Toyohashi City, Aichi in 1951. Its mission consists of “Aiming for advanced medical treatments based on kindness and warmth towards people”. Through this mission, it provides medical treatments which meet the needs of its patients.  By fully utilizing the flexibility of its private hospital, it continues to contribute to the development of advanced medical care in the region.


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