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Proton Arc Therapy

Proton Arc Therapy has the potential to improve dose conformity to the tumor while further reducing dose to the adjacent surrounding healthy tissue and ultimately increasing treatment effectiveness.

IBA invites you to attend a webinar co-organized with ESTRO and presented by Yves Jongen, IBA's founder and the two leading figures in Proton Arc Therapy, Dr. Kabolizadeh and Dr. Ding from the Beaumont Health Proton Therapy Center.

The IBA Proton Arc Therapy Strategy will also be presented by Francois Sergent, IBA clinical Solution Manager and Cedric Osterrieth, IBA Product Manager.

Mr. Yves Jongen
Founder & Chief Research Officer
Ion Beam Applications SA
Dr. Peyman Kabolizadeh
Medical Director
Beaumont Health Proton Therapy Center
Dr. Xuanfeng (Leo) Ding
Lead Medical Physicist
Beaumont Health Proton Therapy Center
Mr. François CSM
Mr. Cedric Osterrieth
Product Manager
Ion Beam Applications SA
Introduction to IBA Proton Arc Therapy
Yves Jongen
IBA Proton Arc Therapy Strategy - Clinical Aspects
François Sergent
Clinical Benefits of Proton Arc Therapy
Peyman Kabolizadeh, MD, PhD
Technology Enabling Proton Arc Therapy
Xuanfeng (Leo) Ding, PhD
IBA Proton Arc Therapy Strategy - Product Aspects
Cedric Osterrieth

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