Proteus®PLUS Excellence in proton therapy

excellence in proton therapy

Tailor-made image-guided
IMPT solution

IBA’s Proteus®PLUS is tailored, scalable, and leading-edge solution configured for excellence. It is a made-to-measure, image-guided, intensity-modulated, proton beam technology which enables your center to treat more patients suffering from the broadest array of complex cancer conditions.

Excellence in treatment, training, and center design combine to deliver superior results — from our highly accurate pencil beam scanning and fast treatment times to our world-class user programs and patient-friendly environment. 

Why choose Proteus®PLUS?

If being world class is your goal, the Proteus®PLUS is configured for excellence and the success of your institution.

Clinically inspired

Excellence in treatment, training and center design combine to deliver superior patient results that physicians have come to trust and upon which they rely — from our highly accurate Pencil Beam Scanning (PBS) and fast treatment times to our world-class user programs and patient-friendly environment.

It’s all about getting the details right to ensure better patient outcomes and greater patient satisfaction and to build a reputation of unequaled prestige and progress. If being world class is your goal, then consider the Proteus®PLUS proton therapy technology which is configured for excellence and the success of your institution.

A platform to invent the future

Proteus®PLUS proton therapy technology is designed with upgradeability in mind, ensuring that the system always remains on the cutting edge of treatment development. In more than ten separate proton therapy centers across the world, the Proteus®PLUS has a proven track record of upgradeability. One such center is our earliest customer, Massachusetts General Hospital, which has been providing clinical proton therapy since 2001 and which has recently been upgraded with our latest technologies including Pencil Beam Scanning (2008), Gantry Rolling Floor (2013) and Cone Beam CT (2017).

“Treatment ergonomics and patient safety are a priority for proton therapy and a gantry floor can help achieve this aim. The organization and coordination between the MGH and IBA is testament to how well we are able to work together, performing the installation without disrupting patient treatment. This is a great achievement," said Torunn Yock, MD at the Francis H. Burr Proton Therapy Center, Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) in Boston.

Optimized for patient throughput

Safe, reliable and upgradeable, the Proteus®PLUS technology enables your proton therapy center to treat more cancer patients, share clinical research and best practices as well as consult with IBA’s network of experts and extensive proton therapy user community.

Discover the conditions our clinical partners are treating with Proteus©PLUS

Efficient patient workflow

The optimized workflow of Proteus®PLUS allows maximization of system use in order to provide proton therapy to the largest possible number of patients.

Ultrafast irradiation

The most precise and ultra-fast Intensity Modulated Proton Therapy for adaptive proton therapy.

IBA Pencil Beam Scanning Dedicated Nozzle is able to provide

  • The largest field size with sub-millimetric precision
  • The best 3D conformation of dose
  • Ultra-fast repainting
  • Multiple spot sizes

2D & 3D Imaging


Image-Guided Proton Therapy is enabled by high resolution X-Ray digital imaging systems providing stereoscopic imaging in an orthogonal arrangement.

Manual, Point-based and Automatic image registration allows accurate patient position verification and patient position monitoring.


IBA CBCT is a world first in proton therapy and has been used clinically since 2014. It offers unrivaled large Field of View (FOV) with high image quality and high soft-tissue contrast to allow accurate patient positioning. In collaboration with Philips and leading clinical institutions, IBA continues to perfect the CBCT and exploit its clinical applications.


Our In-Room CT goes beyond the accurate positioning of patients for we can also incorporate plan verification into the treatment process. This is achieved by using high quality imaging to evaluate the required dose distribution. By looking at regular (daily or weekly) images to assess whether the treatment planning is still valid, while taking into consideration any anatomical changes within the patient, e.g. tumor shrinking, weight loss, etc. the treatment plan can then be adjusted as necessary.

With our clinical partners, we are working towards the ultimate goal: integrating accurate and fast target assessment and dose precision which would allow online reassessment and adaptation before every fraction dose, all in order to obtain an optimal treatment result.

Efficient and safe patient experience

IBA's treatment room has been particularly designed with the patient experience in mind and integrates various features of proton therapy equipment such as the Gantry Rolling Floor, the Wireless Hand Pendant and Philips' Ambient Experience.

Ambient Experience has been specifically adapted by Philips for the IBA PT system in order to optimize the experience of patients when they are being treated. This award winning design is based on our wide experience of clinical environments around the world and has been recognized by the well-known and respected organizations, if design and Red Dot Design awards.

Ultimately the Ambient Experience provides a friendly, soft and non-threatening environment, which greatly improves the patient experience. Studies have also shown that environments such as these have a positive impact on the quality of care.

6D Patient positioner

Robotic patient positioning system.Accurate positioning for precise treatments

The IBA treatment room includes a robotic patient positioning system, which is capable of moving the patient so that the treatment target is placed in the precise position for receiving the proton beam. IBA’s Robotic Patient Positioning System (RPPS) offers:

  • Patient positioner with 6 degrees of freedom (horizontal, lateral, vertical, rotation, pitch and roll movement are possible)
  • High positioning accuracy and reproducibility
  • Increased smoothness and reliability

IBA offers full support for building and operating your proton therapy center

More flexibility with IBA's unique room matching

Unique system of room matching enables maximum scheduling flexibility of room scheduling

Discover our full service offering to make proton therapy successful for you

Unique system of room matching

At least a 30% reduction in commissioning time
No constraints in room scheduling


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