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Brochure: Proton Therapy Clinical Education


Patient care is what really counts

With IBA, your team can focus on the clinical aspects of cancer care while our team takes care of your proton therapy equipment, ensuring maximum performance and the highest safety and reliability standards. Leveraging its experience in helping treat over 45 000 patients, IBA has developed a deep understanding of what it takes to build, operate and maintain a proton therapy center. Over 30 years we have worked in close collaboration with renowned institutions, customers and partners. This unrivalled know-how enables IBA to propose a complete range of proton therapy services that ensures smooth clinical operations and compassionate care for cancer patients.


Just focus on patient care

IBA has built a strong and reliable service team to guarantee the availability of your proton therapy technology. We provide teams, parts and processes to provide a full system operations and maintenance service, guaranteeing the highest standards in our state-of-the art technology.

IBA's maintenance and support is based on an accumulation of the more than 100 years worth of maintenance and service contracts currently held within our Proton Therapy Centre portfolio and is developed by IBA worldwide. The service includes:

  • Operational support
  • Maintenance and updates
  • Help desk and remote support
  • Spare parts
  • Software updates
  • Integrated equipment support

IBA experienced and largest proton therapy expert team in the world has achieved the highest uptime in the industry.


Stay at the forefront of cancer treatment
IBA recognizes that delivering proton therapy solutions is not simply a matter of installing the ultimate cancer fighting equipment. IBA is also committed to keeping our clients’ systems up to date. Because technology changes quickly, IBA provides upgrade packages that are tailored to the individual configuration of your proton therapy center. 

Thanks to the IBA Upgrade package, you can integrate major enhancements into your system, keeping up to date with new functionalities and improved performance. IBA’s “no client left behind” promise has been proven year upon year, bringing new technologies such as Pencil Beam Scanning, gantry rolling floors and CBCT to centers that have been with us for more than ten years.

Consulting Services

Take the fast line to your first patient
IBA offers consulting services in the areas of Technology, Infrastructure Planning and Integration, Project Management, Clinical and Operational Process Optimization and Commissioning.

The experience accrued from our numerous successful Proton Therapy Center installations has enabled IBA to offer expert support in these fields. This means that your healthcare team can focus on the essentials; patient expectation and medical excellence.

We consult in:

  • Building Design
  • Shielding Calculations
  • Interior Design by Philips Ambient Experience Design
  • Installation Project Management
  • Application Specialist and Commissioning Support

These services combined with IBA’s unique proton therapy technology will allow you to treat your first patient faster than any other proton therapy solution.

Financial Support

Turn your plans into reality

Proton therapy installation projects are large and complex, which could potentially mean a challenge in financing. IBA has in-house financial expertise that can help you make your project a success. Based upon its experience in multiple projects across the world, IBA’s mission is to co-develop tailor-made financing based on your needs and objectives. More concretely, IBA can assist you with the development of your business plan, with the structuring of your financing and in the search for financiers. IBA aims to walk alongside you as you work through the financial steps.



Education & Training

Forewarned is forearmed

At IBA we strongly believe that training is a cornerstone of your business, bringing your staff up to right level of expertise to make them feel at ease when using your system. IBA offers education and training sessions that prepare your clinical staff so that they can carry out safe and effective proton therapy treatments from day one. At our latest installation a record ramp-up was achieved, reflecting amongst other factors the depth and quality of the training we provide; training such as:

• Operational Training
• Comprehensive Clinical Education
• Continuous Education and In-depth clinical Training
• Specialized Technical Training

IBA partners that have benefited from our clinical education, are able to experience a really diverse patient mix from day one during their ramp-up. This has allowed them to bring proton therapy faster to more cancer patients.

Information & Communication

Be part of our community of experts

Today IBA is the only player in the proton therapy market that helps new customers access the experience of its user community. We strongly believe that transparency and collaboration are key to advancing proton therapy worldwide.

So, in addition to your everyday communication with the IBA team, you can benefit from the IBA Proteus User Meeting which is organized on an annual basis.
The User Meeting brings together clinicians, physicists, therapists and administrators from all sites installed by IBA, as well as IBA's own experts. This special platform shows that by working together we can advance proton therapy as a universally accepted clinical treatment.

Leading institutions have already chosen IBA. Join them so that we can develop the future of cancer care together.



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