The best in proton therapy today and tomorrow

IBA is the worldwide leader in proton therapy technology. Over 50% of proton therapy patients have been treated using IBA technology to date. The company has been leading proton therapy for the last 30 years and has built the largest user community of proton therapy centers. Based on this experience, IBA offers the highest uptime rates and can install your system in less than 12 months. Secure your proton therapy center and work with the leader in innovation - IBA - the best in proton therapy today and tomorrow.

The power of the IBA Proteus User Community

We understand that providing cancer care requires highly complex and integrated solutions. It is thanks to our unique, open culture of sharing, unmatched trainings and user meetings that we will further strengthen the clinical and patient communities we have always cared for. With more than 50 partner institutions, IBA has the largest user community in proton therapy.

Over 50 institutions perfecting cancer care together

IBA offers a modular approach that is both scalable and adaptable to your specific treatment goals. You can choose to start off with a large center of several treatment rooms, or opt instead to expand your existing radiation therapy practice with a single treatment room.

100,000 patients treated with IBA proton therapy technology

With 36 centers treating patients in 86 rooms, IBA’s user community is unrivalled. We have come a long way from treating our first patient in 2001, to over 100,000 patients treated with IBA proton therapy in 2020. What a milestone!

This achievement demonstrates the unrivalled experience, technological innovation and global market leadership of IBA and its clinical partners.


Together, we celebrate this milestone!

Strategic partnerships

IBA drives strategic partnerships to form a fully integrated proton therapy platform. By intelligently integrating the capabilities of its partners, IBA can leverage their developments to offer the most advanced proton therapy treatment.

OpenPath Collaborative Research Platform

OpenPATh is an initiative to create, foster and promote open-source software applications for research in proton therapy.

It is the mission of OpenPATh to identify the challenges within the PT community and bring together various relevant open-source projects to provide the software infrastructure that can enable clinical research.


Accelerate Research Together !

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