Our mission: Protect, Enhance and Save Lives

We are the world leader in particle accelerator technology. We design, produce and market innovative solutions for the diagnosis and treatment of cancer and other serious illnesses, and for industrial applications such as the sterilization of medical devices. Around the world, thousands of hospitals use particle accelerators and dosimetry equipment designed, produced, maintained and upgraded by IBA, in our mission to protect, enhance and save lives.

employees worldwide
World leader
in particle accelerator technology
Based in Belgium
offices in Canada, China, Germany, Russia and USA

Activities from innovator to worldwide leader

Four core activities:

Continuing innovation

Our life-driven mission and the open relationships we have built with our customers and partners over time, together with our innovative mindset and our willingness to always strive for technological and scientific progress, make IBA a unique scientific company. We are characterized by a deep human connection that is illustrated by: Life, Science. 



Stakeholder approach

We believe in a business model that creates shared and sustainable value for all stakeholders.

We believe in business as a force for good.     
We are a certified B Corp.

we are a certified B Corp.


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IBA quality and EHS policies

At IBA, we are committed to develop, install and maintain safe, robust and compliant products for our customers worldwide.

— Olivier legrain, CEO