Our sustainability vision: the stakeholder approach

We believe in a business model that creates shared and sustainable value for all stakeholders.

We believe in business as a force for good.    
We are a B Corp certified company.

we are a certified B Corp.

Our patients / clients

We develop the most effective technology for our customers so they can provide the best available diagnosis and treatment for their patients.

Our employees

We offer them quality jobs in a stimulating, friendly environment guided by ethical values.

Our society

We promote a sustainable entrepreneurial business model that serves society while respecting the limits of our planet.

Our planet

We continually work to reduce the environmental impact of our operations.

Our shareholders

We show that we are worthy of their trust by being a sound financial investment and acting in accordance with our values.

Find out more about our sustainability program in our corporate brochure

What is B Corp™ ?

B Corp is a movement of companies verified to meet the highest standards of social and environmental criteria, and using their business as a force for good.

B Corp is more than a certification

It is the tool of choice to operationalize our Stakeholder approach:

  • Measure: 360° thinking to identify our strengths and weaknesses along 5 impact area
  • Compare: a community of 6000+ companies to benchmark our performances and share best practices
  • Improve: a framework to set milestones on our sustainability journey
  • Advocate: an inspiration to others, a contribution to the advancement of sustainability standards
Using business as a force for good